Upcoming Events

Teacher Training

Coming to Studio Venus
on 12/13 and 12/14!


for YOGA and BOOTY BARRE' CLASSES with our great teacher Erin Higy.


Students may use them interchangeably for both Yoga and Booty Barre' classes. 


Come at your convenience! Pay only for the classes you attend! More flexibility and better price for you!



5 classes + Bonus 1 class = $50


10 classes + Bonus 2 classes = $100


What is BOOTY BARRE'? 

Professional dancers are famous for their shapely well defined legs, toned round bottoms and curvacious core strength!
Now you to can enjoy the results of the new Booty Barre' workout craze, inspired by the workouts dancers are committed to!
Strait from LA this amazing workout incorporates ballet bar training, resistance bands, fitness balls, and free weights to target muscles and create the physique you always wanted!